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Invite people,earn bonuses!

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1 Invite people,earn bonuses! on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:59 pm


Game master
Game master
OK,here is our first action..."Invite people,earn bonuses !"

All you have to do is to bring new members...

If you bring 3 new members,5 bonuses
If you bring 5 new members,7 bonuses
If you bring 7 new members,10 bonuses
If you bring 10 or more members,15 bonuses...

Bonuses are really useful,because they will help you trough game..Par example,Shorten travelling time,Commanding points,Traits...

Also you can upgrade to Premium account,with some new options,like Forbidden sections...

You can get bonuses when you get the Awards,or buying them..


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